Lead your passenger through a seamless Passenger Journey

Improve the Passenger Experience – build a stable revenue base


ead your passenger through a seamless Passenger Journey

Improve the Passenger Experience – build a stable revenue base

An everyday stream of passengers contains not only ticket buyers, but also potential clients of additional products and services. Satisfied passengers are the foundation of a stable revenue base, positive image and strong competitive position.


Why improve the passenger experience and what effects can it bring?


Increased revenues

Service designers aim to discover and test solutions generating new revenue streams

Improving satisfaction

Control over the whole transport service process, in particular control over the passenger experience is one of the principal success factors of the service.

Cost reduction

In providing any service reducing operating costs and satisfying the client at the same time is one of core challenges.

Increased demand

The business viability of a transport service is based primarily on passenger flows. To ensure a critical mass, it is necessary to find a way to attract additional passengers.


Our method

When designing passenger services and passenger experience, we rely on Service & Experience Design – a structured method of creating services enabling to differentiate the offer from the technical, economic, functional and emotional perspective.

Steps in the process
  1. Researching Passenger Experience
    By researching and observing passengers, we become better acquainted with the context
  2. Defining the problem
    On the basis of the collected information, we precisely define the problems
  3. Creating solutions
    We create numerous possible solutions for identified problems
  4. Choosing the preferred solutions
    We filter, aggregate ideas and choose the most interesting (eg in terms of cost, satisfaction, image, implementation time, etc.)
  5. Prototyping and testing
    We build prototypes and quickly test them with passengers
  6. Implementation of solutions
    We fine-tune the developed solutions and implement them

What can we do for you?

Passenger journey is a diagnostic and design tool that allows you to examine your transport service holistically, understand it and redesign it from the users’ point of view. By mapping the passenger journey, we define bottlenecks, we recognize areas where benefits can be obtained quickly and areas requiring a strategic approach.

Passenger journey:

  • allows to diagnose customers’ needs and expectations regarding the service
  • provides an opportunity to identify potential sources of new revenue streams, identify decisive factors which determine the overall passengers’ satisfaction
  • allows to observe the passenger’s problems in consecutive steps and to identify all critical points of contact between the passenger and the transport service provider
  • enables visualization of information gathered during analyses and interviews

Co możemy dla Państwa zrobić?

You want to introduce innovative solutions for your passengers based on the Passenger Journey?

Chcesz wprowadzić innowacyjne rozwiązania dla twoich pasażerów w oparciu o Passenger Journey?

Zobacz jak to wygląda

Selected research techniques and tools



Observation studies of passengers in a specific situation, are carried out in accordance with the design procedure. While researching a transport service, we conduct observation within individual zones using a dedicated software.


Shadowing is a qualitative research technique where the researcher acts as an observer following a specific person or group along the customer journey and records natural behaviours, emotions or even statements.

Digital pen SSI

SSI interviews combine the advantages of surveys (standardized comparison) and qualitative research (explanation of ‘how’ and ‘why’). The researcher and the user mark, write or draw with an electronic pen, while an infrared camera records every move on the form.

Service safari

It helps to understand interactions, touchpoints and the nature of the service itself from the user’s perspective through personal experience. The project team, including the client’s representatives, takes on the role of “real passengers” and „travels” along the customer journey.

Selected examples of implementation


Passenger Journey covers a range of services delivered by a team of professionals from BBSG and Very Human Services

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Passenger Journey Partners


BBSG is a consulting company specializing in providing support to transport sector players. BBSG experts combine many years of experience in working with transport industry entities with deep understanding of the sector development and unconventional approach.


VHS is a team of consultants with divers competencies: strategists, innovators, designers, researchers and analysts. For many years, they have been solving problems on the basis of human-centred design (service design, design thinking) methodologies.


COMPER is a team of experienced economists, lawyers, auditors, financial analysts, accountants. They deal with financing transport sector companies, state aid , internal audit and competition law.